So tonight we go live…

My heart on my sleeve

As I sit here in my mix-matched pj’s working, writing, editing, chatting…I email my dear gorgeous friend Zoe to get her thoughts before going live. She is the only one I have shared this with, and that is scary enough. I do however, know that she loves me so its a risk I’m prepared to take. Little do I know, that after having made all the amendments she gave me, she was going live. RIGHT THEN. Ready or not. My heart sank and I screamed into my keyboard, “I’M NOT READY!!!”. Hmmmm. Too late. Its out there. I wasn’t ready and I wasn’t ready, in both senses. I had some last minute adjustments to do and oh yes, I WASN’T READY! Within seconds I received a positive comment. Heartening…but I still wasn’t ready. It came down, another message, “I was enjoying that!” Still not ready. What was I waiting for? Who the hell knows. Perfection? Probably. “Give it up” I hear my wise self say to my fearful self. “That’s never gonna happen”. And so, with all the imperfections, I finally concede. I am ready.


5 thoughts on “So tonight we go live…

  1. Perfect is in all your imperfections and chaos. Thanks so much for being brave to “go live” I know I am going to enjoy your blog especially while BF in the middle of the night xxx

  2. About bloody time love! We all need to hear what the options are outside that damn box! Thanks for being the couragous one to do it. X

    1. Thankyou! what a nice message to get at the end of a looooong day. Ill be posting again very soon…hope you enjoy x

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